RLM Management Group

Comprehensive property management of CRM Properties Group’s commercial portfolio

RLM Management Group has been the exclusive management company used by CRM Properties Group for the last 35 years. Its philosophy of management is synergistic with CRM and has kept the CRM portfolio under a 5% vacancy level throughout the history of the company. RLM’s comprehensive management approach includes leasing, property management, promotions, lease negotiations, and marketing. RLM also focuses on community involvement, through local governments and feedback from the neighborhood consumer, as this has always been critical to the success of its properties.

Over the years, RLM Management Group has developed an extensive database for tenants and brokers on a local and national level. These tenants include grocery retailers, hard and soft good retailers, restaurants, entertainment and service providers. RLM’s expertise in integrating and positioning tenants within a property is a key element to the development process.

Keeping with the long-term value approach of CRM Properties Group, RLM Management Group will forego the highest paying tenant for the most complementary tenant, in order to create the proper mix at a given property. RLM always considers the demographics of a location, access points, parking and walking patterns in order to maximize exposure for tenants and integrate them for cross selling opportunities. Every property is tenanted with an understanding of daily, weekly and monthly buying habits of consumers.

RLM Management Group designs and implements marketing programs that extend consumer hours and increase daily demand. The company utilizes Summer music programs, Winter festivals, unique holiday decorations and charity events in order to draw consumers to its properties. Projects are maintained to the highest standards and freshened annually with landscaping, complimentary community programs and new amenities for its consumers. This comprehensive approach to management is unique to RLM and has been instrumental in the success of CRM Properties Group.