CRM Properties Group is led by an effective staff with a pragmatic approach to the real estate industry.

Every member of the team is educated in the field, is a student of the business and is receptive to the trends of the industry. CRM believes that taking control of as many factors as possible and diligently managing those factors yields the highest possibility of success.

At CRM Properties Group, nearly all of the development process is handled in-house. The company handles its own financial modeling, zoning, marketing, leasing, accounting and management. CRM also governs the design process, tenant procurement, and negotiations of legal documents. The company has a great network of professionals, trades, bankers and brokers to call upon when necessary. This hands-on approach is at the core of its development philosophy.

The company develops only for long-term investment, and as a consequence, requires financial standards that have helped keep it insulated from the low ebb of market trends. For CRM Properties Group, profits are made when assets are bought properly and developed with diligence and control.