Bentley Construction Corporation

In-house general contracting and construction management services

Bentley Construction Corporation is the construction management company that provides construction services exclusively to CRM Properties Group, Ltd. With close to 30 years of experience, the company prides itself on having a great knowledge of architecture, engineering, environmental issues, “green” technology, insurance, construction law and construction management.

Organization and implementation are the backbone of the company. Bentley’s services begin early in the life of a project, where its estimating, designing and consulting expertise help determine whether a project is worth pursuing. This hands-on approach is carried on throughout the development process. Whether it be zoning, land planning, base building construction or tenant build-out, Bentley is there to analyze, study and suggest the best means and methods to meet each project’s demands.

Bentley has considerable experience in bidding, contract negotiation, value engineering, phasing, and most importantly, planning. With each new project, Bentley will spend significant time planning with trades and professionals to minimize issues and save time and costs well before construction commences. During the construction process, Bentley adheres to a strict schedule, holding weekly meetings with trades and managing the draw process in a timely manner.

Bentley recognizes that construction is a complex process, and the management and organization of the trades, materials and professionals are critical to the success of every development project.